Glowing Skin Secrets: 8 Tips You Need To Know

Glowing Skin Secrets

Introduction: In addition to skin care products suitable for your own skin condition, it is also necessary to use some small skills that can change the condition of your skin without spending money. What? You don’t know it yet, so don’t waste time, let’s learn the skin care skills that don’t cost money to make your skin so good that you have no friends.

Tip 1: The most suitable temperature for washing your face is warm water at 38°C-40°C

Medicine in cooking shows keeps meat and noodles fresh, and ice is often used. But it won’t work on the living and delicate skin. The firmness brought by washing the face with cold water lasts for at most 30 minutes, and the sudden cooling stimulation will make the mask flush, which will cause the capillaries to dilate and thicken in the long run.

Tip 2: The cotton pad that has absorbed water is hard, stop using it to slap the skin

Cotton pads that absorb water will become thinner and harder, causing greater irritation to the skin, especially when patting the cheekbones for a long time leads to dilation of microvessels. To use lotion correctly, you can choose wet compress or press gently with a cotton pad.

Tip 3: Prevent spots by whitening and maintenance

No matter the skin quality is good or bad, it is everyone’s turn to avoid spots like this. In order to prevent daily use of whitening maintenance, it can indeed delay the formation of new spots.

Tip 4: Don’t rub the makeup remover on your face for too long for 40 seconds

No matter what kind of makeup remover it is, the makeup remover that needs to be emulsified contains surfactants to some extent. It is like a star-absorbing method to dissolve the key interkeratinocyte lipids that maintain skin moisture. 40 seconds is enough to bring out residual makeup and dirt, and rubbing for too long will make the skin too dry.

Tip 5: Gently push with fingertips without over-massaging and pulling the skin

Think of the dense fiber network composed of collagen and elastin as an elastic band in the skin, and the pulling caused by excessive massage will accelerate the relaxation of the elastic band. However, it is not necessary to completely abandon massage. Moderate massage can speed up product absorption. When massaging, a layer of lubricant (essence or cream) must be applied on the face, and the middle finger + ring finger can be gently slid on the fingertips.

Tip 6: Help the skin to function normally It is not too early to fight aging in the early 20s

Some people worry that using anti-aging products in their early 20s will nourish the appetite of the skin if they are too moisturizing. In fact, they are too worried. Anti-aging products can help the skin prevent damage and restore normal skin function. Skin care is a process in which prevention is better than repair. Start early and benefit early. If you are afraid of greasy products, you can choose products that are light in texture and will not burden the skin.

Tip 7: Sleep cannot be predicted or remedied 6 hours of adequate sleep per day

Occasionally skipping a meal is not a big problem, the body’s nutrients can support it, but one night without sleep will definitely show a tired face the next day, sleep cannot be stored, and sleep cannot actually be replenished. After 3 hours of sleep, the body will secrete growth hormones, and it will take about 6 hours for the body and skin to regenerate a day. It is recommended to go to bed before 12 o’clock, in order to conform to the human body’s day and night routine with the sun, so that the skin can be repaired smoothly.

Tip 8: Exercise regularly at least twice a week to radiate from within

Usually work is too tiring, and I just want to spend my holidays lazily. The sore muscles, edema in the calves, and poor sleep quality that keep this thinking will only get worse. Exercise improves blood circulation and relieves the above symptoms, leaving skin radiant. It can also help to secrete endorphins and make you feel happy. The simplest exercise is walking. People who don’t usually have any exercise habits may wish to start with walking for 30 minutes each time twice a week.

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